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LaToya Harris
3 Funny Videos of Brothers and a Father Doing Natural Hair

Image from YouTuber Jewellianna Palencia

What happens when you let your sibling or dad do your natural and they don’t know how? You might get your dad combing your dry hair. You might get your brother tangling your hair in a hairtie or worse! Check out these 3 funny YouTube videos we picked of family members doing natural hair!

1. Our Brothers Do Me & My Sister’s Natural Hair by Lexis Hair

YouTuber Lexis Hair and her younger sister Alecia let their brothers Chad and Chase do or attempt to do their natural hair! The styles include sleek high ponytails, two buns, braids, one low bun, and half-up and half-down. Check it out below!


2. Hilarious Dad Does My Natural Hair (& Edges) by Jewellianna Palencia


Was he paying close attention to her natural hair videos? Jewellianna Palencia puts her stepdad Earl to the test in a funny video! Palencia’s styles include a po nytail, bun, and half bun. Will Earl style Jewellianna’s baby hair correctly? Let’s watch and find out!


3. HILARIOUS! My Brother Does My Natural Hair! FAIL! By Kirah Renee


What happens when your brother is testing your patience but you need him to take your natural hair challenge seriously? Kirah Renee lets her brother Trent attempt to style her natural hair. The styles include a ponytail, two buns, braids, and Bantu knots. Let’s see how Trent does in the challenge!


The videos above prove that we can all teach everyone a little something about natural hair. It doesn’t matter as much if the contestants succeeded or failed in their natural hair challenge, they were still taught that natural hair takes patience, time, and techniques.


Author: LaToya Harris



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