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Okay High Porosity Hair You Win!

For those of you who also have high porosity hair I am sure you feel my pain when it comes to fighting with and manipulating your hair into doing what you want it to do as opposed to what it’s going to do naturally. Stop fighting your hair or trying to manipulate your hair into styles that don’t work for you but worked for the sista you saw create a flawless look on YouTube. For the high porosity hair naturalista learn to enjoy your hair in various stages by doing the following:

  • Provide it with as much texture as possible immediately after the wash phase so that whatever your chooses to do naturally, it will look as you gave it that intention. Take the time to experiment by applying your favorite product on wet, damp or dry hair. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how using the same few products in different drying phases gives you completely different flawless looks and textures. This process will identify your go to styling process when you need a sure thing.
  • Less is more! If you use a lot of products in one style session, you really don’t know what your hair truly loves and you are spending too much money unnecessarily. I don’t know about your hair but mine is going to expand quickly anyway. I’ve always sweated a lot in my head and get hot easily since I was a child. Why waste the time and money? I have to have a style that still looks good and fits my personality throughout the fluctuations in body temperature.

Funny story, my sister has always been great at doing hair though she has no interest in doing so professionally. Over 20 years ago when, I had a relaxer, I just had to have a straw set because it was “the” style at the time. I hadn’t transitioned to natural hair until a few years later. I sat through what seemed to be 4 hours of her doing the straw set and another 3 hours under the drier. My head began to sweat out the straw set within hours. I was defeated. By the next day I had a sponge head near my roots with cute dangling curls starting five inches from my roots. It looked like two different textures and two different hairstyles… translation I looked a hot mess.

It used to be so frustrating to see a style, try a ridiculous amount of products while wasting a crazy amount of time for below average results all because I was trying to force my hair into submission. The reason you may not get what you want from your hair care regimen could be due to your not paying enough attention to what your hair is “telling” you it does or does not like.

  • Manipulate your hair less. For those with medium to longer hair, bobby pins and ponytail holders go a long way to extend your creative hairstyles in between cleansing and restyling from scratch. Lightly hydrate your high porosity hair (between shampooing/co-washing) in big chunks with a water based moisturizer and seal in the moisture with your cream or butter of choice. A little should go a long way. Next strategically pin loose two strand twisted hair sections on top of your head for an effortless updo look. It’s your choice of whether you’ll make it casual or sleek.

I believe all hair is good hair. You just need to take the time to figure out what works best for you. Learn to love my hair in all stages, especially Day 4 hair. It’s easy to create a flawless look for the perfect selfie/social media post immediately after styling your hair. Once the elements and your sleeping pattern gets to your hair is another story. Whether your healthy hair regimen is working for you is best determined a few days in and thereafter.

Author: Charlene L. Sanders

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