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New Natural Hairstyle Ideas for 2018

Natural hairstyles are no longer restricted to a few minimal styles.  Many of the currently trending styles featured for 2018 transform into additional looks when the braids and twists are removed. The Black Panther film has also revamped new styles with Wakanda-inspired flair. Here are some favorites for the year thus far to experiment with:

Braids and Curls

Braids and Curls

Image via hairstyles-ideas.me

This look is timeless and can be worn with anything. Using an array of cornrows and intricate parts, you can achieve an intense look by braiding a portion of the hair and pulling the rest of the hair up into a full natural ponytail or pinning the braids and leaving the rest of the hair out.

Box Braids

Box Braids

Image from Instagram user @hair.by.fabiola

Box braids are a good protective style for natural hair. Box braids offer a full range of versatility in styling- piled high, low or high bun, out, pinned to the side or up- the looks are almost endless. Style types also will vary depending on the size of the braids. After you remove the braids, you will have a full, textured crimp to your hair that can be rocked a couple days. 

Faux Locs

Faux Locs

Image via blackhairkitchen.com

Faux locs are the newest, hottest way to experiment with the natural look of locs, without the actual commitment. Faux locs are another protective style that will cover the hair and allow it time to breathe and grow without exposure to the toxic environment. Styling options are similar in nature to box braids- up, down, twisted or styled according to size and length of the locs. When removing the locs, the twisted hair underneath will reveal amazing volume and springy curls that are full of life.

The Faux-Hawk

Faux Hawk

Image from Natural85 via hairstylecamp.com

This is another look that we’ve seen take over the last few years. The faux hawk requires no shaving and is non-committal. Hair is pulled taut on the sides and pinned in the middle or even to the side for a sultrier version of the look. Another variation on this style is to braid the sides of the hair (one, or both) and pin the rest of the hair up tightly. Let the rest of the hair sit high in the middle of the head to achieve that full mohawk effect. 

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