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LaToya Harris
Woman Shaves Head Bald After Weave Damaged Her Scalp

Image from YouTube user @C&D Journey

Sew-in weaves can be great protective styles if done properly. If not, they could leave you with damaged hair and scalp. Twenty year old Champrise of the YouTube channel C&D Journey knows this all too well. The Youtuber shaved off her hair because of bad sew-in weaves.

Champrise liked sew-ins but was trying to save money. As a result, one year ago she let a woman who was not a professional do her hair. The YouTuber said the stylist told her to take painkillers before she installed the weave. That was a sure sign that something was about to go wrong! For those of you who are unaware sew-ins require you to cornrow the hair first before putting a wig cap on and sewing the hair on top. Champrise’s braids were so tight they caused her scalp to bleed. She also experienced breakage from hair color and sew-in weave tape.

During the process of removing her sew-in weave, clumps of the YouTuber’s hair started to come out. Because she experienced heat and hair damage, she decided to start fresh and shave her hair off. When her girlfriend examined her head, she noticed that Champrise had scars that divided her head into 4 sections.

Champrise also found out she was experiencing pili multigemini, a condition where more than one strand of hair grows out of a single pore. Some time after tweezing the hairs, she visited a dermatologist and was given recommendations for hair products to help regrow her hair. Champrise’s natural hair is growing back and she vows never to wear sew-in weaves or let anyone else do her hair again.

The YouTuber shared some words of wisdom for anyone who gets their hair done. She said, “Be smart with who you let braid your hair or who you let do your hair because not everybody is professional. Not everybody is trained in those fields to be under the supervision of doing your hair.” I agree, Champrise! Hopefully, others will learn from her experience!

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