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LaToya Harris
Zendaya Lets Us Know the Difference Between Weaves, Wigs, and Extensions

Image from YouTube user @Zendaya

Actress Zendaya doesn’t want us to confuse wigs, weaves, and extensions with each other. In a  video, the K.C. Undercover star shared things like the differences between a clip-in and track. In her own hilarious way, she even broke down the vocabulary and definitions of weaves and tracks and said she wears all of them at different times.

In addition, Zendaya divulged a couple of her hair secrets. One of them included the fact that she is not afraid to add hair to switch up her look with a lace front wig. She said, “I wear them when I want a completely different look: if I want my hair color different, or just something a little more dramatic.” Zendaya said she liked lace fronts because they looked natural and covered her hair well.

The 21-year-old also gave tips on how the extensions and tracks could be applied and  warned not to leave weaves in too long. Zendaya ended her video with the answer to an important question us naturals are often asked. She said, “Many people ask people with curly hair: ‘How do you have curly hair?'” She continued,“If anybody is wondering how people get their hair so curly, they usually take a shower.” Yes, good old water, girl!

Zendaya will be doing the voice of the character “Meechee” in a new animated Warner Bros. film called Small Foot. The movie hits theaters on September 28, 2018. Channing Tatum, Yara Shahidi, Common, and Danny Devito are just some of the stars who will be doing the voices of the characters. We will be sure to remember Zendaya’s hair tips for that premiere and beyond!

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