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Pushing the Boundaries of Natural Hair- Beyond Twist Outs and Bantu Knots

If you’re struggling with finding different hairstyles to rock with your natural hair, you don’t have to feel frustrated. There are a number of new and fun ways to rock your hair when you think outside of the box. If you’re willing to diversify a bit, you’ll find that natural hair never has to be boring!

The ‘New’ Afro– If you’ve yet to experiment with the fro, there’s much more to it than wearing your hair in a full-on seventy version of the fro. Instead, try a big curly bouffant style like Amara La Negra rocks with such ease. This can work easily by slightly fluffing out the hair with a pick or comb after using rods or curlers, or after Bantu knots. Accessorize with flowers or floaty head jewels for a soft and adoring feel.

Also, note that natural hair usually falls in a triangular shape. Thus, go with- instead of against- the natural shape of your hair and try wearing your hair with angles and accessorizing with adorning headbands, jewels, and pins. You can opt to have your hair cut into this shape, or add the effect of a faux cut by angling the hair and brushing and pinning the rest down around it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Color- Color is a great way to change up your look quickly, even if wearing the same hairstyle. When hair is cared for naturally, it is protected and strong, so adding color- the right way- won’t take away from the beauty or strength of your beautiful tresses. Avoid over processing and bleaching hair, which will make it brittle and susceptible to breakage. Spend a little more and instead, opt for naturally formulated, plant-based products that won’t damage your tresses.

Start with some highlights first if you’re not sure about committing to full-on color, and don’t be afraid to be bold! Always make sure to deep condition using a color enhancing conditioner to get the best out of your color and keep your hair soft, manageable and healthy.

Big, Crimped Hair– As easy as cornrowing your hair while it’s damp the night before styling, the amazing, naturally full crimp that is achieved once unraveling is easy to wear and versatile. It frames any face shape and adds volume and management naturally.

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