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LaToya Harris
Black Women’s Reactions to 90’s Hair Products Echoes That of Many Naturals

Image from YouTube user @As/Is

How would you react to seeing hair products you used back in the day? What if you went to the salon and your hairstylist pulled out a kiddie relaxer? As/Is (formerly known as Boldly and BuzzFeedYellow) did an experiment and showed four Black women with natural hair 90’s hair products to get their reactions.

The first item the ladies were shown in the video was the Just For Me perm box. One of the naturals immediately pointed out the little girls with the straight hair on the box. She said, “I think the little girls on the Just For Me box and Just For Me commercials was one reason why I was like, “Oh my God, I need a relaxer.” This is why it is extremely important for women and little girls to see images of people like themselves rocking their natural hair.

Products like hair grease, oil moisturizer, brown gel, and oil sheen were also shown to the ladies.  Many of the products made you actually wonder why we used them in the first place. For example, all four of the ladies seemed a tad bit nervous when they saw the hot comb. One of the ladies recalled how her mom would put it on a paper towel. After the paper towel was burned, her mom would start using the hot comb to press her hair. I can relate!

At the end of the video, one of the naturals made a good point saying that the products back in the 90s seemed to be more about looks. She said, “Back then, I think it was all aesthetics.” Agreed! Thank God we have a lot more options that are actually good for our hair. Let us know what you thought about the products in the video!

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