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The NaySayers Were Wrong...Natural Hair Is Not Going Anywhere

Natural hair has a deep and rich history in America that is often forgotten about. The latest craze that has occurred within the last decade spreads wider than self-love, black pride and acceptance. The natural hair lifestyle is actually being further fed into society as healthy living has become a focus. Many are recognizing that health is essential and that moving away from products and foods that are not good for them is an important part of health maintenance. Green living, clean eating and using natural, plant-based products for skin and hair has become the new normal. This includes getting away from chemical-laden relaxers and straighteners- often referred to as “creamy crack”.

The natural hair trend is not a trend at all. It’s actually a lifestyle and commitment to the psychology behind the hair as well- reversing the negative thoughts that were embedded in young black women about their hair and instead, embracing their natural beauty. Since the thought of changing from chemically processed to natural hair can be frightening in itself, you can find a slew of natural hair communities, blogs, meetups and more. These women are banding together for support, suggestions, and ideas on going- and staying natural.  The beauty of rocking natural hair and learning to love the hair as it is grown from the scalp is opening the eyes of many women that were raised to believe their hair wasn’t good enough, or tame enough to be worn naturally without straightening.

Ask any black woman about her hair and you can guarantee there is a story behind it that dates back to their childhood.  Breaking the chains by embracing natural hair is empowering as it becomes an escape from the enslavement of unhealthy relaxers and other chemical processes. Wearing hair naturally goes deeper than style or preference- natural hair offers the ability to learn self-acceptance and appreciate the uniqueness of the varieties of textures, curl patterns and lengths that make up some of that incredible black girl magic! Natural hair won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

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