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The Natural Hair Journey- How to Begin the Process of Going Natural

Going natural is a very big and personal decision. The reasons that women decide to go natural vary and while the benefits are great, there can be concerns about the “big chop”, styling hair while it is in transition, and how to care for natural hair properly. Following the below tips may be beneficial to your natural journey, and hopefully, help you to ditch some of the fear that comes with going natural.

Skip the “Big Chop”

Try trimming your hair after each wash or have it trimmed every couple of weeks by your stylist instead of doing a major chop. You’ll encourage faster new growth by keeping your ends split-free, allowing the relaxed hair to be cut off bit by bit, and you’ll also strengthen your hair and encourage healthy, fresh hair to grow in over time.

Use Organic Products and Oils to Encourage Growth and Care for Hair

As you’re growing your natural hair out, keep your scalp as clean as possible. A clogged scalp will inhibit new growth. While the right products will protect, enrich, moisturize and help tame your natural hair for styling, product buildup will weigh your hair down. Thus, wash your hair often and deep condition your hair regularly to revitalize moisture and keep your natural tresses bouncy and soft. Toss any paraben-based products and opt instead for natural oils, butters, balms, and creams for your hair that detangle, moisturize, encourage growth and assist in manageability. 

Choose Protective Styles

Know that you have styling options that go beyond the spectrum of a daily short, curly crop or fro. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your hair protected through the natural transition. Play around with different styles like braids, weaves, and even wigs. These protective options will help encourage growth while allowing you to diversify your hairstyles.

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