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How Embracing Natural Hair Boosts Self-Love and Confidence

Self-love as a woman is a difficult mindset to master. All around us, we are bombarded with what society’s portrayal of beauty standards are. With the onset of social media, the sexualization of our women- especially our brown women- is at an all-time high. Women and young girls are consistently seen wearing less, adding enhancements to their bodies to be more voluptuous and posing in sexually explicit ways.

Whereas tall, thin and Caucasian used to be the body standard for fashion- and remains for much of the couture and high-fashion world- an enhanced and overtly sensual body type has become the new norm. Famedom is frequently achieved through popularity vs. talent these days, so being erotically appealing for likes and shares to increase admiration from an online audience is constant. The pressures on women to look beautiful, “beat their face” daily and have long, luxurious hair is mounting. Confidence is waning, while insecurities are rising.

Teaching our daughters to love themselves- every nook, cranny and curl on their head- is essential to them being able to maintain confidence as a child, teenager and then extend into womanhood. Unfortunately, self-confidence and love aren’t commonly referenced in school and kids can be downright mean. Young girls often battle regularly against bullying and mean comments from other kids. Enter the constant exposure to media’s definition of beauty, and these visuals paired with hurtful words can make a young girl feel less than pretty or accepted by her peers.

A natural woman that is comfortable enough in her own skin to define beauty on her own terms is one-of-a-kind. You’re deciding to go against the grain as to what the public tries to dictate as beautiful. You’re happy to show your freckles, instead of covering them up. You’re likely to let your coarse curls live freely in a bouncy fro, and then wow onlookers with a straight style that shows how real shrinkage can get.

So, don’t be afraid to embrace and celebrate your natural beauty. In the world of Stepford wives- break the mold and show them how badass natural sisters really are!

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