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How to Reroute Uncomfortable Questions About your Hair

As a natural woman, we tend to get uncomfortable questions about our hair regularly. There are many people that don’t understand the art of natural hair or wearing weaves, wigs, braids and other protective hairstyles. Often, these individuals will allow ignorance on the subject to compel them to ask inappropriate and uncomfortable questions.

When these situations arise, don’t blush or stammer your way through an answer. Don’t even allow yourself to get upset by the audacity of them to ask the question. Instead, completely reroute the conversation. Here’s an example that shows how to segue the conversation to suit your purposes.

Question: Is that your real hair? Answer: I think we have better things to discuss than my hair, don’t you think? Then, reroute the conversation to something more relevant to your scenario or to them. For example, if it were someone you work with, you could point out a project that you’re actively working on that is important to the company. Or you could point out something they need to do. (A little shade sometimes is necessary).

Any great salesman or leader in business knows the art of dominating a conversation and that’s the key in any of these scenarios. Another option to not answer the question and move the conversation along- or end it- is to flip it and ask them a question in response. Consider this type of scenario:

Question: Can I touch your hair? Answer: Would you be comfortable if I touched your face? No, right? That’s exactly how I feel about people touching my hair. What I can tell you though, is that it’s super soft because I use extra virgin coconut oil in it. Did you know there are so many different things you can use coconut oil for? It’s even a natural tooth whitener!

Don’t allow people to make you feel uncomfortable with their silly questions and statements. Keep your confidence and vibrations high and make the conversation go your way. 

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