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What’s Your Natural Curl Pattern?


Every person is born with a curl pattern that is all their own. Most people have hair that is naturally curly, straight or wavy. Stylist Andre Walker, created a system for classifying specific curl patterns.


Straight hair is classified as Type 1 hair. Straight hair is the strongest of all hair types. This hair type has no curl pattern.

Type 2 is wavy hair, with variations ranging from 2A to 2B to 2C – with 2C hair being the most wavy within the 2 category of wavy hair.


Type 3A, 3B or 3C curls can range from loose ringlets  or looser coils, to slightly more tightly defined, spiral curls the size of a pen.
Type 4A, 4B or 4C ranges from more tightly curled to kinky. Type 4 hair can resemble small spirals the diameter of a crochet needle, or be tightly coiled.   Type 4 hair is at the greatest risk for breakage because of the tightly spiraled or zig zig curl pattern and needs consistent moisture.


It’s not uncommon for one person to have several different curl types so getting to know your hair is the first step towards understanding the best way to take care of your beautiful hair.

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