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Organic Root Simulator Curls Unleashed

Like with any new endeavor sometimes you have to find your way.  If you get impatient and discouraged and give up to soon, you’ll never know what the possibility might have been.

Such was the case with my sampling of Organic Root Stimulators, Curls Unleashed line.

Although I’m becoming more of a product junkie then I use to be, (when I find something I like I’m pretty loyal), I tend to stick to one product for a long time.  But who can resist free samples?!

I have to say, at first attempt, I didn’t think Curls Unleashed was going to be right for my, very fine, 4a curl pattern.

Everyone’s hair is different right?

Not to many of MY curls were unleashed but overall not a bad product!

Then I remembered a suggestion I heard from various natural hair resources.  Try a product at least three times before you give up on it.  Give it time to acclimate to your hair.  So I did.

My results

Keep in mind, I asked two different representatives at the Curls Unleashed natural hair meet-up, how to use the products and in my quest, decided to try them all!

The first attempt

One of the suggestions, was to take a scoop of the Set it Off Curl Boosting Jelly and a scoop of the Take Command Curl Defining Cream, mix them both together in your hands, and work through the hair.  After washing my hair with DermOrganics Sulphate Free Shampoo and deep conditioning with Shea Moistures, Deep Treatment Masque, I did this. I then went back and shingled my hair with more of that mixture.

The results weren’t bad, but comparing it to other Curl Defining methods I wasn’t that impressed.

Second time around

Wasn’t that much better than the first time.

The second time, two days later, after doing a Co-Wash with the Curls Unleashed, No Restrictions Moisturizing Conditioner, I shingled the Take Command Curl Defining Creme, on its own through my hair and didn’t use the Curl Boosting Jelly at all.

My lesson.  The Curl Boosting Jelly is very needed if you want a more defined curl.

Third time is the charm

Another two days later, I washed and deep conditioned my hair as mentioned in the first attempt above.  This time after detangling, I first shingled the Curl Boosting Jelly through my hair.  I made sure I kept my hair pretty wet while shingling with my spray bottle of distilled water with a little olive oil mixed in.  After shingling my whole head I rubbed a scoop of the Curl Defining Creme in my hand, and not shingling but just working it through my hair, like I would an oil or other such hair dressing.

Although, for me, the product didn’t bring out a more distinct curl patter, I really liked the results the third time around.  I got a bit more definition and it looked pretty darn good with just a moisturizing spritz in the morning, until I was ready to wash and deep condition again.

So, sometimes it really is as the saying goes.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!



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