Hair Nutrition Hot Oil Growth & Repair Treatment, Shea Terra Organics, 3.38 oz

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Shea Terra Organics Hair Nutrition Serum | Natural Hair Restoration, Growth Stimulation, Scalp Treatment, Texture Solution - Rinse Out or Leave-In Conditioner – 3.38 oz

Healthy Hair Serum Moisturizer and Toner Across Africa's driest regions grow plants and trees with remarkable abilities to repair hair and increase growth. From the softening properties of Africa's upside down tree to the nourishing properties of the Egyptian black seed, Shea Terra Organics' Hair Nutrition Serum combines Africa's most nutritive ingredients to help repair damaged or dry hair. These reparative oils and herbs have been used in Africa to protect and condition hair for thousands of years and now you can enjoy the same benefits without getting your passport ready! Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary. Discover the ageless beauty of your own hair with Shea Terra Organics Hair Nutrition Serum! Natural Beauty that Empowers Shea Terra Organics is founded by Tammie Umbel, an enterprising super mom, who built the company while homeschooling 14 of her children. Shea Terra Organics grew out of Tammie's vision to develop natural skin care treatments that would not only heal and beautify those who use them, but also empower and enrich the lives of many impoverished villages and families throughout Africa. Since early 2000, Shea Terra Organics has been working with cooperatives and conservation groups to source our natural, organic ingredients in a sustainable and ethical way that would create economic opportunities and preserve wildlife. We share these indigenous, time-tested healing ingredients through our breadth of product lines, which include facial care, body treatments, hair herbals and maternity & newborn remedies.

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