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 STEP 1:  Prepare Yourself Mentally For Your Natural Haircare Journey


  • Remind yourself why you are on this journey through affirmations:

o     I will have healthy, chemical-free hair

o     I will stop damaging my scalp

o     I am breaking free from the creamy crack

o     My natural hair is unique and special and deserves attention

STEP 2: Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural


  • Once your natural hair starts to grow in, familiarize yourself with your curl pattern.
  • Decide whether you will do the Big Chop, (BC), or slowly transition over to natural as you grow out your relaxer.
  • Find a hair salon that specializes in kinky/curly hair or who has worked with transitioners and get a curl flattering trim or cut.
  • Once you’ve decided on whether to do the BC or slowly transition to natural hair, get the proper hair tools to maintain your natural hairstyle which may include:

    A wide tooth comb

o     Denman Brush for shingling, (applying a curl definer creme and a brush or fingers to apply section by section to natural hair which enhances curl definition).  Also used for detangling.

o     Twist rods or perm rods

o     Hair clips for sectioning hair

o     Deep conditioning caps or hair steamer

o     Hooded dryer or blow dryer diffuser


STEP 3:  Natural Hair Care Maintenance


o     Get ideas on popular natural hairstyles and hair accessories

o     Tips on protective styles, wash and go styles, and the best natural haircare products

o     Leave comments on our blog or send us an email to tell us about your natural hair journey.


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