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SESI gave NHCN a shoutout

If you’ve chosen the Big Chop route, save the DIY tries for later and hit up the salon to make this major hair move. “Go to a hairstylist to have them shape your new TWA,” says Shaddock.

What It’s Like To Lose Your Natural Hair To Chemotherapy

Dianne’s Natural Hair Journey Featured in the Huffington Post

My natural hair journey started four years ago. After several attempts to go natural and slipping back to the creamy crack, I finally took the plunge and stopped relaxing my hair.

Dianne and Pamela Featured in Adelphi University, NY, Website

Blogging about natural hair and Black culture comes easily to Pamela Shaddock ’84. But these topics took a serious turn in 2015 when Shaddock’s older sister, Dianne Austin, was diagnosed with breast cancer.


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