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We’d like to thank Terri from Braintree, MA for sharing the following short story about her experience with going natural.  We couldn’t get a picture, but that’s ok…  We know Terri and can tell you that she is beautiful, both inside and out!

Terri’s Natural Hair Journey:

Thanks for sharing your new natural hair blog! I found your journey interesting because I stopped perming back in 2000… and I don’t miss it!  (Love the pics and I can certainly remember you and Pam from back then!).

Usually in the summer (and before I chopped my long hair off),  I would just leave in conditioner and put it in a ponytail. I loved giving it a break from all the heat that I normally abuse it with. However whenever I would leave it loose and wet, it would eventually get tight and wild looking. I always wanted to leave it loose but I never found the right product to make it look natural, loose yet controlled.

I remember when I last saw you at a party, how I raved about how great your natural hair looked. Love the transformation! That’s the look that I would like to achieve natural, shiny and controlled.  I will sample a couple of your favorite products to see how they work with my hair.

Author: Terri

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