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Dianne Austin
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Hair stretching is a simple technique that adds length to natural hair through stretching, or non-chemical manipulation.

After shampooing, natural hair can experience varying amounts of shrinkage – a reduction of hair length –  once dry.  Because natural hair can have a variety of curl patterns, from coils, to spirals and curls, our hair, which may be very long when wet, can shrink as much as 75% when dry as our curls start to tighten.

Depending on individual preference, some women like to stretch their natural hair as a way to manage the length.

Here are a few tips for hair stretching:

1. To keep your hair in top condition, opt for non-chemical stretching techniques instead of chemical texturizing.

2. Braid outs and twist outs are great ways to stretch your hair and add more length. Do a braid out or twist out while wet to get the most definition and a long lasting hold.  Your style can last for a week or more depending on your hair using this method.

3. Hair banding is another great way to add length by taking medium to large sections of dry hair and adding ponytail holders to different sections of the hair.

Check out the videos below to learn these hair stretching techniques. There are so many twisting/braiding/banding methods on YouTube, but we think that the videos below are particularly helpful!

Do you have a special way not mentioned here to stretch natural hair?  Leave a comment below.

Twist Out Tutorial:


Hair Banding:



Author:  Dianne Shaddock


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