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My 'Brunch with EDEN': The Woman. The Products.I was blessed with a personal invitation from Stylist, (some call ‘The Hair Whisperer’), Felicia Leatherwood of Loving Your Hair to attend “Brunch with Eden”.  Felicia was a panelist during EDEN Bodyworks’, end of the season event in Los Angeles.

“Brunch with Eden” was put in place by the team at EDEN Bodyworks to introduce customers to their new Jojoba Monoi product line,  and they’ve been traveling to major cities all over the U.S., to promote the launch.

I had no idea how much of a gift I was given until that day.

The Woman

Like Madam CJ Walker and others before her, the young lady behind EDEN Bodyworks was divinely guided on her journey when she couldn’t find what she needed to maintain a healthy head of hair sans chemicals.

At the age of 11, after getting a relaxer that caused her hair to fall out, she vowed never to use such products again. Unhappy in her search to find natural products that suited her needs, Jasmine, at the tender age of 14, proceeded to concoct and launch her own product line to care for her natural hair.

The result is, the steadily growing natural product line, EDEN Bodyworks and 21 year old Jasmine Lawrence is the visionary behind it.

Jasmine has garnered numerous awards for her entrepreneurship and as a result has appeared on everything from Oprah and The Today Show, to being featured in Black Enterprise Magazine as a ‘Teenpreneur’ of the year.

Not impressed yet?

This young African American female entrepreneur did not choose to rest on her laurels and million dollar plus enterprise.  Securing a strong team to handle her companies day to day operations, she is currently attending Georgia Tech as an undergrad pursuing a demanding degree in computer science focusing on robotics and artificial intelligence with an eye towards a Ph.D.

I had the pleasure of talking briefly with Jasmine at the LA brunch and it was such a joy to see that after all of her tremendous success at such an early age, she is still a breath of fresh air and sunshine.

That’s Jasmine on the left

Congrats Jasmine!

The Products

I must admit, before the event, I didn’t know much about the products but I am glad to say, that’s changed.  In our goodie bags was a generous size bottle of the Jojoba Monoi Oil and the Jojoba hair milk and I must tell you that Jojoba Monoi oil LOVE’s my hair – I feel like ‘where have you been all of my life’!

I used the oil in conjunction with my homemade flaxseed gel and the results were phenomenal. My ‘wash n go’ has never looked so hydrated and moisturized and my twist out, something I rarely do because I never like the results, was amazing – the definition and sheen were spectacular.

Twist Out with Jojoba Monoi Oil

I’ve yet to try the ‘hair milk’ but will and I am looking forward to buying other products in the line.  I can see myself having a long and healthy natural hair relationship with EDEN Bodyworks.

To Jasmine and the team, thanks for a great brunch, great products and for being such an inspiration to us all.

To Felicia, I owe you one!

The products can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply and other stores as well as online at EDEN Bodyworks

Author: Pamela Shaddock

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