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The LOC Method: For Happy Moisture Rich Natural Hair

Kinky, coily hair can already be troublesome when it comes to retaining moisture.  Factor in the harsh winter weather and the next few months can be a discouraging journey.

Enter the L.O.C Method

I fell into this method a couple of months ago by trial and error and recently learned it had a name in the natural hair care world.

The L.O.C Method is a 3 step moisturizing system where each proceeding process seals in the one before. Keep in mind the order is important.

Water. Oil. Butter.

1.  Start with water or a water based leave-in to moisturize hair.

Always remember, the only thing that can moisturize your hair is water.

2.  Lightly seal in the moisture with your favorite oil.

3.  Use a butter or cream for the final seal then style.

It’s as simple as that.

With this method I can maintain moisture and style for multiple days without having to reapply product. It’s a beautiful thing!

Do you use this method or another to retain moisture? Be sure to leave a comment about it so we can all benefit!



Author: Pamela

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