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Natural Haircare News Flash: A Ban On Afro Puffs & BraidsReally?

The Lorain Horizon Science Academy in Ohio sent a letter to parents banning Afro Puffs and Braids for the 2013-2014 school year?

If this is true, and it appears to be, did the school administration have nothing better to do (when there’s so many other issues regarding our children’s education needing attention) then concern themselves with how young black girls wear their hair in its natural state?

That’s like saying to the parents of natural red-heads, no more red hair next school year!

What’s interesting and always frustrating, to me, is that it speaks to a deeper issue of ignorance.

Many ethnic groups, including our own, consciously or not, feel that a black person, in this case a black child, wearing their hair the way it organically grows out of their head, is making some radical statement or going against the grain in some way.

A huge reminder that we must continue to love and honor our natural selves in all our kinky glory (if that’s your choice) until it becomes the norm.  Only then will others respect and honor that in us as well.

Check out the full story at Black Girl Long Hair.

Author: Pamela Shaddock

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