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Dianne Austin
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Will I Ever Not Be Surprised To See A Black Woman With Natural Hair?Natural-haired black women were everywhere I turned on this particular day.

It was a day like any other day; or so it seemed.  I got into my car and dropped my daughter off at school.  I drove to the train station and parked my car.  But as I walked to the train, I spotted two naturalistas.

I changed stops; hopped onto another train. Bam – four more!  Walking to my office, I spot three more black women rocking their natural hair; loose and free.

Lunch time – off to the salad bar.  I spot four more kinky curly divas.  It’s as if I had been wearing rose colored glasses and then suddenly took the glasses off and was seeing the world for the first time.  Everywhere I turned, black women with beautiful natural hair were there.

When the realization hit me that there were so many black women with natural hair going about their day: off to work, to school; leaving their special footprint on the world on that day, I was surprised that there were so many women with natural hair. Then I felt surprised that I was even surprised.

Seeing ten black women with natural hair in a 4 hour period may not sound like a lot, but where I’m from, black people are far from the majority.

With each encounter, I could swear that we had a special bond.  It was clear that they noticed me too. Some smiled slightly when we made eye contact.  Others gave that “knowing” look:  Yeah, I see you sister; walking proud.  Showcasing those kinky curls that God gave you.

At least that’s what I hope they were thinking.  Maybe I should put the rose colored glasses back on…

Author:  Dianne Shaddock



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One Response to Will I Ever Not Be Surprised To See A Black Woman With Natural Hair?

  1. 9etherbeauty says:

    Yes! I’m lovin it. I use to get angry when the natural hair craze started. Only because I have been natural all my life and was teased all though grade school.when everyone started going natural, I’d get all these questions like how did you get your hair like that and how long you been natural?offended because I was doing something that was natural to me and separated me from the rest.. But realizing now all our Afros are beau.. We look so much more powerful with our own..instead of looking like a character from planet of the apes.lol. God bless the child who has his own. rock on!

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