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Natural Haircare Experiments on Black People

There’s nothing like a good visual when learning something new.  Audrey Sivasothy, of The Science Of Black Hair, captures great ones in a series of videos!

For instance, finding the right moisture balance is an ongoing challenge, for most Naturals.  To gain some fresh insight start by watching “The Basics Of Moisture” series.

One of my favorite videos, for a deeper understanding of balancing protein and moisture in your locks, is –

“The Science Of Black Hair: Protein/Moisture Balance Basics”.

Audrey skillfully uses pasta to demonstrate the breakdown that happens when our hair either has; too much moisture (you didn’t think that was possible did you?), to little moisture and just the right amount.

With so many video options out there in YouTube Land centered around managing our kinks, coils and curls, I really connect with the expertise and vision of Audrey Sivasothy.  A choice, I believe, you can continually count on for your natural hair care education.

The Science Of Black Hair Protein/Moisture Video:

Author: Pamela Shaddock

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