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Dianne Austin
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Looser curl pattern, curl definitionThis is a touchy topic written by a natural hair blogger on behalf of Natural Haircare News.  We want to know if you agree with this viewpoint, so leave your comments and join the conversation.

Once you decide to return to your natural texture, your hair may surprise you. Many women who have worn relaxed or straightened hair since childhood are no longer familiar with how their hair grows from their heads. In some cases, they instantly love their natural locks, but in others, they become so focused on perfectly defined curls that they’re just not happy.

If you spend a lot of time and money looking for the one product that gives you frizz-free, loose ringlets that are less Afro and more spiral, curl definition may be too much of a priority for you. This is especially true if you fall into the product junkie trap, where a pile of discarded products sits in your bathroom because they didn’t give you the curly hair you admire on this or that celebrity, but can’t seem to achieve yourself.

Because black hair is so varied in texture, you can’t expect to get the same results as the next woman. It’s important to learn to accept your tresses exactly as they are; otherwise, you’ll spend so much time fighting against them and being unhappy when they don’t bend to your will. Instead of the hair being the problem, it’s often an issue with mindset.

Coating your hair with gels, pomades or custards for the sole reason of making it look like a looser, “better” version of what you were born with robs you of falling in love with completely unaltered locks. Instead of focusing all your energies on making your hair appear one way, try to appreciate the good that already exists, without products and manipulation. Maybe your hair will never look like that famous celebrity with the long spirals that appear effortless, but it has its own unique qualities that only belong to you. Learn to love your hair as is, and you won’t need to search for that perfect product, because you’ll know your hair is perfect just the way it is.

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