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You Want To Touch My Hair?

The first time a stranger asks “Can I touch your hair?”, you may wonder how to answer that. After all, it’s not surprising to find it an odd question. Someone who you don’t know, have probably never seen before and may not ever see again, wants to touch your hair. What gives?

Women who sport their natural hair will likely be approached in that fashion at some point. The answer you give depends on how genuine you feel the person asking is, how well you know them, your own personal space boundaries or just how you feel at that particular moment. While it’s fine to be pleasant and give the person permission to touch your tresses, there’s no rule that says you have to. Some people, especially those from cultures that only see straight hair, are sincerely curious. Others, however, make you feel like the current craze at a petting zoo. It’s often an on-the-spot decision a natural is forced to make.

Only you can decide if you want people — strangers or acquaintances — putting their hands in your hair. Some women have no problem letting kids touch their mane since children are usually innocently curious, but draw the line with anyone over the age of 18. Other naturals don’t mind if friends and family touch their locks, but strangers are out of the question. Still others don’t want any strange hands in their hair, and that’s acceptable, too. It’s your hair and body, and only you have the right to it.

The next time someone asks “Can I touch your hair?”, think for a moment before answering, whether positively or not. Just because you let someone satisfy their curiosity today doesn’t mean you have to extend the same favor tomorrow. It’s entirely up to you to let other people discover the unique softness and texture of your hair.


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