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Dianne Austin
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Should You "Texlax" Your Kinks and Curls?Here’s an intriguing article courtesy of Clutch Magazine Online which highlights the pros and cons of tex-laxing; the process of easing the tightness of one’s natural curl pattern using chemical relaxers.

BTW, for those who are wondering, “tex-laxing” and “texturizers” are one in the same.

We know that the very topic of choosing to add chemicals to our natural hair will start heated conversations about whether or not one is truly natural if the hair is altered with chemicals.

But Natural Haircare News is the war-free zone…

There are as many arguments for and against tex-laxing as there are stars in the sky. One could argue that your hair is no longer natural if you alter it in any way such as using twisting, braiding and other styling techniques that change the way that your hair naturally grows out of your head.

I’m a believer of the old maxim “to each her own” but for the record, your hair is no longer natural if it is chemically altered.  That’s just the facts.  However, how you choose to wear your hair is your choice.  Be confident with your decision and make your choices based on what is best for you.

Considering Tex-Laxing Your Hair? 10 Things That You Need To Know

Have you seen the #TexLax hashtags on Instagram? Heard people talking about it online? Well, the process of tex-laxing has gained popularity recently among women with natural hair who are reverting back to chemicals but want to avoid a straight, relaxed look.

Though it doesn’t process your hair as heavily as a relaxer would, texlaxing still has drawbacks when it comes to your hair’s health. And some naturals criticize it because the hair has a textured, ‘natural’ look but it’s not fully chemical-free.

If you’re considering giving it a try, here are 10 things to know.

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