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Are Black Men Missing from the Natural Hair Conversation?

Maybe it’s my environment.  I live in Hollywood and I work in the entertainment industry where image is, in most people’s eyes, everything.

Although the climate with natural hair is slowly changing, on some levels, I can’t help but see the disparity with how I’m viewed (more like not even seen) and sometimes dismissed by some of the black men in my world.

It’s interesting because when asked directly these men tell a different story. When you watch or read the numerous  “in the streets”  and “we polled black men” interviews  on YouTube or on natural hair blogs one often hears how black men don’t have a preference or that they absolutely love women with natural hair and prefer it.

When the roving reporters are gone though their lives tell a different story.

I dare say this disconnect is not just in LA LA Land either but across the good ole US of A and perhaps internationally.  That preference for long straight silky hair that has been so embedded in our psyche.  That preference that is engrained in both sexes I might add.

So my question to our readership is:

How do we start and continue to engage Black men to really see, from their head and heart, the natural, authentic and raw beauty of Black women, particularly when it comes to our kinky, curly, coily and shrunken Afros? To speak of it with love and affection and honor it?

That our hair as it grows out of our heads is an awesome gift from the Creator – The Power and The Presence of ALL things makes no mistakes!

Part of it I think is for black women to stay the course. To definitely not let “the movement” as some call it, be another fad, as some see it.

The more the world gets used to our exquisite cottony haired image presented in all walks of life and in the media, the more it won’t feel like a novelty. It will just be…. natural.

For those of us who need to, we can continually work on our self-esteem so that when the brothas see you coming they see and feel the energy of a black Queen who is confident, caring, happy and gorgeous.

And whether you are their preference or not, your beauty will still be undeniable – to anyone for that matter.

What are your thoughts and experiences around “Are Black Men Missing From The Natural Hair Conversation”?

What do you think we can do to engage Black men so that they love and accept our natural hair as much as their own?

Author: Pamela Shaddock

Comment on this articleChanging attitudes about natural hair” is what we do at Natural Haircare News. Through informative articles, podcasts and videos, we go beyond just sharing the latest advice and tips on kinky, curly, wavy haircare – We shake things up and focus on the realities of wearing our hair natural. 

4 Responses to Are Black Men Missing From the Natural Hair Conversation?

  1. Lex says:

    I’m a black man with natural hair but I feel like society pressures you into cutting it short in order to ‘fit in’. You feel as though it’s frowned upon in the professional/working environment. It’s a shame because other cultures don’t have these restrictions from society

    • Dianne says:

      Hey Lex- I see what you mean. There is less opportunity for black men to grow out their hair, wear a dreadlock hairstyle,etc because of assumptions that people make about what these styles represent in a professional environment. There is an assumption that our hair is unkempt when we wear it in its natural state. Not true but the underlying assumption is there.

  2. Bune says:

    Awesome & informative article. Relevant. I think that engaging our men in conversations about thier own natural air. I don’t understand why men don’t have 2 do all the things that we do to maintain healthy natural hair. I love my healthy hair.

    • Pamela says:

      Glad you like the article Bune. I think Black men have their own share of issues when it comes to natural hair as well. For example, keeping it closely shaven represents (falsely), they’re more professional than a man with a lot of hair. Keep loving your natural hair!

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