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Dianne Austin
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Want Natural Hair With Thicker And Stronger Ends? Try These 6 Tips!Many Naturalistas have to deal with ends that are thin, weak, brittle, and that split. Broken and thin ends are unattractive and take away from the beauty of your natural hair. If broken, damaged ends is a problem that you can relate to, worry no more! We have 6 tips that can help you to get rid of your thin, weak ends and gain the thick, strong and healthy ends that you want.

1. Trim away damage.

Before you can start focusing on achieving thicker,  stronger ends, you must first get rid of any damage to your hair’s stressed ends. Cut away those split and battle-worn ends.  Broken ends are beyond any hopes of repair and broken “see through” or scraggly ends just looks bad.

2. Use a protein conditioner.

After washing your hair, use a protein conditioner on your ends and throughout your entire hair to reinforce moisture and “rebuild” the hair. A protein conditioner temporarily patches the cuticle making it thicker and stronger immediately and regular usage protects your ends from splits and breakage. Follow up with a moisturizing or leave-in conditioner for extra moisture and protection.

3. Minimize or stop using direct heat.

Natural hair can become permanently damaged by overusing your heating tools. Heat not only causes split ends, but it can permanently straighten your strands. Minimize your usage of heating tools or avoid using them altogether.

4. Make sure your ends are sufficiently moisturized.

Focus on moisturizing your ends regularly to avoid drying them out which can lead to thin ends that are prone to breakage over time.

5. Apply oil or a hair butter to your ends before manipulating your hair.

Applying oil and/or a rich butter like shea butter to your ends before you style or separate your hair lubricates the ends and reduces the friction that cause splits, worn ends, knotting and tangling. Apply oil or butter after you moisturize.

6. Be more gentle and less fussy.

When styling or separating your hair, be gentle with the ends and avoid excessive pulling and tugging because this can cause damage and in turn more splits. Try to handle your hair less by using a low manipulation style routine or a long-term protective style.

Author: Dianne

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