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How to Have No-Frizz Natural Hair This Spring

Spring is on its way and no doubt everyone’s excited and can’t wait to be free of harsh winter weather. But for us gals who are proudly wearing our hair naturally and sporting our coily, wavy and curly tresses, spring also means frizzy hair days!

Humid spring days seem to take away the spring in natural hair. As soon as the air becomes wet and dense, you will notice that your wash-and-go has become frizzy and your twist-outs have become poofy. Naturally curly hair is prone to frizz – and there is no way to avoid this completely.

But don’t worry because there are ways to make frizz less of a problem this spring and during the summer. Keep the spring in your curls with these tips from the Naturally Curly blog:

1. Get a Trim

Start off the season by getting a trim if you haven’t had one in a while. If you notice that your ends are looking stringy or damaged from those winter months, then they need to go. There’s no way to repair damaged hair, and keeping damaged ends can cause more damage which means MORE frizz!

2. Low Poo, No Poo or Co-Wash

You want to get rid of the frizz, not the moisture. Harsh detergents in shampoos and over-washing your hair cause dryness and lead to frizz. Your hair needs moisture to help stop frizz. “It’s the natural inclination of the little strands of your hair to literally lift up off your head and outward to quench their thirst from moisture in the air.

These lifted hair fibers create a poof of frizz,” says Lorraine Massey in her book “Curly Girl: The NEW Handbook.” To maintain your hair’s natural oils, give your hair a fresh start with a gentle moisturizing shampoo, a cleansing cream or a conditioner.

3. Condition

Deep conditioning, conditioning and using a leave-in conditioner are a must for restoring moisture to your hair to combat frizz so that your curly hairstyle will not unravel in the humidity.

4. Sealers and Frizz Controlling Stylers

Frizz occurs when humid air penetrates the hair shaft causing it to swell. The secret is to use sealers and frizz controlling stylers that lock in existing moisture and repel excess moisture in the air.

5. Put the Flat Iron Away

The intense direct heat of blowdrying and flat ironing will undo the work you have done to hydrate your curls and keep away frizz.

If you have time, let your hair dry in braids or twists or use a diffuser to at least dry your hair partially, instead of letting your hair air dry completely. This will allow your curly hairstyle to set before it gets disturbed by the weather or your hands.

6. Second Day Spring Refreshers

To maintain moisture in the fight against frizz, you will need a way to refresh your curly, coily, or wavy hairstyle without having to start over with a fresh wash or co-wash every day.

Look for frizz-taming, style-preserving products to revive your curls, twirls, twist-outs, or waves.

7. Work with the Weather

If you can enjoy your hair when its bigger, curlier, or shrinking in the showers and humidity, then spring is a good time to just let it be. Remember, your curls love moisture. As long as you take care of it from start to finish, your curls should thrive beautifully, even in the humidity and rain!

So what do you think of these tips? Do you think they can help you be more frizz-free this spring?

Author: Pamela

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