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Dianne Austin
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Why Wear Your Hair Natural Instead Of Relaxed? Here Are 6 Benefits to Going Natural

If you’re having second thoughts about going natural, the Atlanta Black Star online lists 6 benefits to consider:

1. You can save money wearing your hair natural. Maintaining relaxed hair is very expensive and going natural limits the expensive salon visits as it is easier to maintain your natural hair on your own.

2. By going natural, you help regain control of a $9 billion dollar black hair care industry. Black women invest lots of money in haircare products.  Switching from chemical relaxers to natural products will help budding Black natural hair product entrepreneurs take control of the natural hair care segment of the market.

3. No harmful chemicals are needed when caring for natural hair. Did you know that the ingredients commonly found in perms and relaxers are similar to those in Liquid Drano? By relaxing your hair, you are literally pouring the same toxins used in unclogging drainpipes onto your scalp.

4. Natural is healthier. Black women who have gone natural experience less hair breakage and faster hair growth.

5. You have more style choices with natural hair. Contrary to popular belief, natural hair is more versatile than relaxed hair in that it can be worn many different ways as it grows. There is the teeny weeny afro, coils, twists, braids and up do’s.

6. Proudly wearing your hair as it grows out of your head shows the world the natural beauty of Black women.

You can read the full article here.

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