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Black Hair Education: The Key To Ending Discrimination?

Do you wear an Afro? Have you ever been asked why you wear your hair the way you do? Have you ever been discriminated against because of your hairstyle?

If you follow the news, you know how Black women from various walks of life – students, soldiers, employees, celebrities – are discriminated against because they wear their hair in an Afro.

Why do people discriminate against individuals of color who have Afro-textured hair?

According to this article from Huffington Post, the reason behind this behavior is a lack of education or knowledge about what makes Afro-textured hair different. It says that, to people who have Type 1 straight hair, it may seem like the obvious solution to Black people’s hair struggles is to just keep our hair straight. After all, there are effective ways to straighten even the most stubborn curls, right?

They have this attitude because they do not understand that Black hair has different structural features which make it very prone to damage caused by straightening using either chemical relaxers or applied heat.

But will educating White people be enough? How about Black people? Do we all fully understand our hair if many of us have only just started to accept our natural textures? Indeed there is still much we all need to learn about Afro hair and we can start by reading this very informative article.

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