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Headscarfs: Not Just For Sleeping Anymore [Video]

Wearing a satin or silk headscarf to bed protects your hairstyle and prevents you from having to deal with knots and tangles in the morning. The protective headwear also helps retain your curls’ moisture and natural oils, protecting your hair from breakage and dryness.

Scarves are not limited to wearing before bed though; you can also wear them stylishly during the day. Headscarves are great for protecting your curls from the summer heat and from losing moisture. Speaking from experience a scarf can also save you during a bad hair day. You can protect your curls from dirt and outside elements using a scarf.

There are many different ways you can wear a head scarf which makes this simple square of fabric a fun alternative for hairstyles. I love this video created and shared by YouTuber LoveYourTresses, which shows 15 fun, fashionable ways you can sport head scarves. Enjoy!

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