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What’s All The Fuss About Natural Hair?

It’s just hair!… Or is it?

I’ve been noticing a few articles lately as I surf the net looking for Natural Hair Care News that seem to be for natural hair but against the proclaimed natural hair movement.

It was intriguing to me that other blacks, particularly here in the United States, given our history, might be insensitive to “the movement” and the empowerment, I feel,  it brings.  That’s whether an individual recognizes the power or not.

I do agree that it’s a different kind of movement from the 70’s but one of empowerment all the same. Empowerment through self-awareness, holistic health and an embracing and acceptance of one’s natural beauty – a unique beauty that has been dismissed, by us, never mind others, for so long.

It made me think of a comment on our blog a while back regarding an article I wrote The Choice Is Yours and my response to it:

Readers Comment:

“People go on and on over HAIR! It’s just hair . . . . Make a decision about it and keep it moving. Blacks are the ones who keep the crap going on and on, people are just not thinking that much about what goes on with what is on a black person’s head. Trust me on that one. Before you get all disjointed, I am a black woman who is SO over you blacks and your much ado about ‘nuthin”!”

My Reply:

“While I appreciate your response Lindy, this billion dollar Industry, for blacks and non-blacks alike, would beg to differ. On the surface, yes, it is just hair. Underneath, for so many, hair affects how one is perceived and how one perceives self – not just an issue perpetuated by Blacks. So, now we’re talking, at least from my perspective, mentality and treatment based on standards of beauty, a lot of times subconsciously and most certainly consciously. Many are approved or disapproved of simply based on the way they wear their hair. I agree, we as Blacks, can definitely hold on to some stuff but I also know, that is human nature, and not exclusive to Black people. So, do we bury our issues under the rug, even if it is “just hair” because a few don’t care to hear about it? As the article states, “The Choice is yours”.”

With that I now pose the following questions-

Do black people really go on and on over hair for no good reason? Is it truly “just hair” or are some just missing the point… assuming that you agree there is one?

What do you think?

Author: Pamela

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