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Are People Making Offhand Comments About Your Natural Hair?  How To Respond To The Negative And UnInformed

Like a lot of naturals my hair style and more accurately length changes from day-to-day, week to week and sometimes from morning to afternoon depending on the weather!

Other factors as you know come in to play as well.  Like whether we stretch it or not through various techniques or simply twist it Sunday night and watch its slow regression, if not manipulated thereafter, through the week until we wash it again the next Sunday night.

These changes almost always bring about curious comments or looks from my colleagues or neighbors (what can I say, I live in a multicultural neighborhood).

Your hair looks great today! Did you cut your hair (again)?  I like when you wear your hair like that; and on and on.

There are times in my travels that I take a moment to educate and there are times that I simply say, “No, I did not cut my hair” and keep it moving.

Admittedly there are times when I’m completely frustrated: with myself for how I might internalize the comments, with my hair for being so fickle and with the “looky-loos” that I feel see my hair as acceptable one day and not so much the next – I’m sorry but I can always tell by “the look”.

Can you relate? If so, here are 5 replies you might have at your disposal for natural hair challenged people:

1. The “I could just say “thank you” but I don’t want to response:

Comment: Your hair looks great today!

Reply: I’m glad that you approve (Or : I guess it looked really bad yesterday!)

2. The “Just agree and keep moving” response:

Comment: Did you cut your hair again?

Reply: Yup!  (I like to keep them guessing)!

3. Turn the tables and put them on the spot response:

Comment: I like when you wear your hair like that!

Reply:  Like what?  I’m not sure what you mean?

4. The “It’s a legitimate question but I’m still irritated” response:

Comment: How do you get your hair to do that?

Reply:  It grows out of my head this way – duh!

 5.  The “I think it’s time for a lesson” response:

Comment:  Any of the above and then some that call for a lesson.

Reply: Whatever you authentically feel from your heart to theirs.

In the end after all, most people are just intrigued and curious about how funky, fun and fabulous your natural, kinky/coily hair truly is!

Author: Pamela

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