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Dianne Austin
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Locs – Another Natural Hair Styling Alternative

Locs, (also known as dreadlocks) is a hairstyle that goes back centuries but was made popular by Rastafarians, a religious group with roots in Jamaica.

This natural hairstyle alternative actually originated out of the religious belief that worldly possessions, including hair styling tools should be shunned.

According to Dreadlocks.org, the actual term “dreadlocks” originated from Jamaican tradition where individuals with “natty locks in their hair should be ‘dreaded’ or feared”.

As the style became popular in the mainstream culture, the word “dread” was dropped in favor of what seems to be the more popular term, “locs”.

Contributors to the Urban Dictionary, share that there is some debate as to whether locs should be categorized as dreadlocks since the process for locking based on mainstream methods requires the actual act of grooming the hair whereas those who wear dreadlocks for spiritual purposes do not style or “maintain” their hair at all beyond washing with water. The hair is just left to bond or mat together into the signature dreadlocks.

Caring for Locs:

Ebony.com offers some great tips on caring for your locs including, why finding a good locktician is a must and the importance of sleeping with a silk scarf to protect your locs from friction.

We want to learn from your experience. Do you have tips that you can share about your loc journey that will help other women with their journey?

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