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4 Things I Have Learned About Myself Since Deciding to Go Natural

There are a lot of challenges that come with deciding to go natural.  Although it is a great choice, for you overall as well as hair health, it is not easy at times. You have to learn how to handle a completely different hair texture, which can be hard in the beginning, especially coming from having easy to maintain straight hair.  You have to deal with the negative and positive social views, have you heard of the woman who was discharged from the Navy because of her natural hair?  

It has been a fascinating journey for me personally.  I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about myself through this process.  Some good and some bad, but all life changing and eye opening.

  • I am not a very patient person, but I am capable of changing.

Okay, so I already knew that I am not the most patient person, but having natural hair made that painfully obvious.  I tried transitioning for a while, and quickly gave in to the big chop because i could not handle dealing with two different textures.  Taking the time to work on one and then going to the other, was just too long of a process for this on-the-go girl.

Of course after the big chop I realized that I do not have the patience to wait for my hair to grow either, or to maintain short hair. In cases like myself, you have no idea, short hair is a lot harder to maintain than longer hair. Especially if you like to style your hair rather than just leaving it as is. I prefer to rock box braids, or crochet braids to protect my growing hair. But in between braids, I am slowly learning to love and understand this hair of mine, and I think that some time in the near future I may alternate between braids and just rocking my hair.

  • I needed to make more of an effort to make more health conscious choices.

I am very big on research, and rarely make a decision without taking the time to read, and natural hair is great for your health.  But starting a natural hair journey inspired me to make more of an effort to be more health conscious, and was the inspiration for the big choice to become a vegan.  I just feel like the only things that should go into my body should be natural, and healthy.  A decision that I am very proud of.

  • I am a very fast learner.

When you are on a budget, and maintaining hair like mine, you start finding creative ways to care for your hair, like making your own hair products, or learning how to braid your own hair. After obsessing over some natural YouTube divas for a while I decided to start braiding my own hair, because the short hair look was not for me.  And I learned that I have an easy time learning what ingredients work well with my hair, and how to braid my hair.

  • I have a lot to say, and people actually listen.

I have not been blogging long, but I have been writing since Jr year of high school, and it has always come naturally for me.  What I didn’t realize is that I could have so much to say about this journey and fortunately for me, people have actually been paying attention.  I love sharing my journey and tips with you, and hope that it helps you as you decide to either go natural or maybe simply choose to just be a little bit healthier.

Author: Nancy Laws

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