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Kitchen Remedies for Hair Loss

As hard as it might be to believe that the easiest method to combat natural hair loss might be sitting on your kitchen shelf, it is actually the fact. There are so many things that are normally found in the kitchen or kitchen garden, that can be used to treat hair loss and even improve the growth of hair and the very texture of hair. In this article, we will look at the most commonly found ingredients that can assist you with taking care of your hair.

  • The simple humble coconut oil that is found in almost all kitchens is perhaps the easiest way to take care of your hair. Warm a little coconut oil and massage the same onto your scalp to see your scalp feel nourished and healthy. And we all know that a healthy scalp is the first step to healthy hair.
  • Now there might be quite a few people who would know about the benefits of coconut oil, but there might be a lot of people who would not be aware that coconut milk is also just as beneficial. Making fresh coconut milk is actually quite easy – simply grate fresh coconut and grind the same with a little warm water. Squeeze the milk out and strain before applying the same onto the scalp.
  • Just like coconut oil, even olive oil has become common to most kitchens, all over the world. If possible, you can warm some olive oil and massage the same onto your scalp, before following your normal shampoo-conditioner routine. You can also create a hair pack for your damaged hair, by mixing honey and olive oil. You could also mix a little cinnamon powder to this mix and apply to the hair. Leave this mix on your scalp for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash off with warm water.
  • If you have honey in your kitchen cupboard, there is yet another way of saving those falling hair. Cut a regular onion into half and rub it all over your scalp, squeezing it as you go. Top the onion juice with a generous layer of honey and massage both the elements into the scalp. Leave this concoction for just a few minutes and then wash off with warm water. This process should ideally be done once every ten days for best results.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, chances are that you will always have eggs in your refrigerator. Did you know that egg whites can work wonders for hair loss? Create a hair pack with two egg whites and two spoons of curd. Apply this to your scalp and wash off when dry. Alternatively, you could also mix in some shikakai powder or neem powder with the curd and egg whites and use the same for healthy and shining hair.
  • You can also combine curd with other ingredients that are probably sitting in a bottle in your kitchen cupboard, right now. Mix curd with mustard seed paste, black pepper powder or honey. Apply the mix to your scalp and leave it to dry for a few minutes. Wash with warm water and your regular shampoo and repeat this process after a few days.
  • So you enjoy a cup of tea every day in the morning, but did you know that the same tea could nourish your hair? Boil tea leaves in some water and strain the same. Mix in some lemon juice to this decoction and use this as the last rinse after shampooing and conditioning your hair. In a few days, you will be able to notice a drastic change in your hair.
  • If you are someone who enjoys an occasional drink, then your very own bar could be of great help to you. Combine pepper powder with 30 to 45 ml of alcohol (preferably vodka) and wash your hair with this mixture, at least once a week. Within a few weeks you will notice that your hair loss has reduced and your hair as well as scalp is looking healthier.
  • Amla or Indian gooseberry is often found in kitchens, all over the world, especially in India. This sour fruit, which is often used to create lip smacking pickles and chutneys, is also a good solution for hair loss. Cut the pulpy sections off a gooseberry and grind it to a paste. Mix this paste with lemon juice and massage into the scalp. Ideally, you should leave this mix on your scalp overnight, allowing the goodness of the gooseberry to seep into your scalp. In case you are not too keen about leaving this mix overnight, you can create a special oil for yourself. Boil coconut oil with pieces of dried gooseberry until the pieces turn black. Strain this oil and store in an air tight container. Massage your scalp with this oil on a regular basis and wash off with your regular shampoo.
  • Similarly, both neem and aloe vera are great solutions for hair loss. These can be used either individually or in combination. You can boil neem leaves in water and use that water to wash your hair. Alternately, you can soak neem leaves in water, blend into a paste and then apply that paste to your scalp. Once dry, the paste can be washed off with warm water. Aloe vera stalks can be cut and the oozing juice should be applied directly to the scalp.

As you would have noticed, most of these ingredients will be readily available in your kitchen or can be sourced with ease. Try one or multiple of these remedies and start noticing how your hair is feeling healthy, once again!

Comment on this articleThis article was written by Dr. Kapil Dua, a hair restoration expert & co-founder of AK Clinics. He loves to help people get the hair back and keeping it healthy all the way.

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