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Beauty Salons and The State Of Your HealthHair professionals and patrons alike are at risk when it comes to the beauty salon.

In an unregulated industry where workers in particular are consistently being exposed to known carcinogens and other harmful ingredients with devastating outcomes, Black Women for Wellness and the Healthy Hair Initiative Project, plan to change that through awareness and empowerment.

The Studies

Research has shown high rates of poor reproductive health, including uterine fibroids and miscarriages, linked to the use of hair relaxer products. And one article talked about the ergonomic issues stylists are faced with through hours of repetitive motion that comes from braiding and weaving.

It was also noted that among women of color these issues are heightened due to a chemical industry focused towards women with “ethnic hair” (a $9 billion dollar industry) coupled with the importance of hair – and societies response to it – in Black culture.

Question posed

If you thought you were possibly causing yourself or your young daughter(s) to be prone to premature puberty or to cancer, through estrogen-altering chemicals, would you continue to give her those chemicals?

Most likely not.

One of my favorite quotes states; a mind once expanded can never go back.  I hope in this case, for obvious reasons, that is true.

If you are someone still on the fence about transitioning to natural, at least get the information, and make a conscious sound decision for yourself, whatever it is, when it comes to your hair and your health. If you’re already a naturalista, spread the word, without judgement, on the dangers of chemicals.

For more in-depth information on the subject go here.  And thank you Black Women for Wellness, for being such strong advocates for black women’s health – mind, body and spirit.

Author: Pamela

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