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Dianne Austin
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Me and my hair – 1 year ago

Me and my hair – 1 year ago

As I shared in an earlier post,  Cancer, Chemo, and Hair Loss: One Naturalista’s Journey, due to chemotherapy treatments, I’ve reached the point where I’ve lost all of my natural hair.

There was no turning back for me when I took the plunge and transitioned from relaxers to natural hair over three years ago and it was quite the journey.  You can imagine my shock to learn that I had cancer and that I would lose all of my hair from treatments employed to kill those nasty cancer cells.

In the scheme of things, losing hair is not a big deal when you think about the alternative.  I recognize this yet, I’m human and I loved my thick, kinky hair!  Talking about my experience is in many ways therapeutic.  Each person’s cancer journey is different, but I decided that I wanted to share my personal pilgrimage with others who may possibly find some benefit in learning about my experience as they take their own journey.

This is the first in a series of videos where I share the start of my chemotherapy treatment, (this video is pre-hair loss), and how this has impacted my natural hair journey. I encourage you to subscribe to my new YouTube channel to share this journey with me.


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