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Dianne Austin
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More Proof That Chemical Relaxers Are Making Black Women Sick

Uterine Fibroids. Miscarriages. Hair Loss. Asthma. Dermatitis. Cancer.

These health conditions and more all have one thing in common: Hair stylists who have been exposed to chemicals in relaxers and other products used to straighten hair are reporting a higher incidence of these health concerns. And these conditions are not limited to just relaxing products. Chemicals found in hair glue regularly used for weaves contain chemicals that contribute to these health issues.

There is research that supports the health concerns facing stylists., part of the National Institute of Health highlights research data that confirms the high incidence of difficult pregnancies, miscarriage, respiratory and skin diseases that hairstylists face.

One study of hairdressers who participated in the research showed that:

  • A whopping 53% of those who participated in the survey reported work related skin and respiratory problems.
  • 68% of the hairdressers who reported work related skin and respiratory problems sought out medical care and found that their health conditions were directly related to the exposure that they faced within their occupations.

In addition, women in the profession were found to be at higher risk for pregnancy and miscarriage related issues in another study: the Reproductive Outcomes For Female Hairdressers.

There are many reasons why women who used to sit on the other side of the hairdressers’ chair make the decision to go natural. For some, it may be the realization that exposure to these harsh chemicals may result in unwanted health risks.

For women still using relaxers, and the stylists who make their living exposed to the harmful chemicals contained in hair products, I wonder if the end results: “beautiful hair”, outweigh the overall risks. I am not a natural who hates on women who chose to relax their hair. We all should feel comfortable with our choices and respect those choices that differ from our own. But I do wonder if it is time to reassess different methods such as the old fashioned straightening comb. The results aren’t permanent, but it certainly is safer for our health.

Author: Dianne

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