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'You Down Wit' B-O-B? Black Owned Brands

One of the exciting things about this current natural hair movement is the plethora of new, as well as tried and true Black entrepreneurs, that are rising to the forefront and having major success.

What better way to pamper and care for your kinks and curls than with a brand that knows from experience what your locs need? What better way to support your community, near and far, than by buying from black owned and in most cases, female driven, natural hair product brands.


Some may think where they buy their products from and by whom doesn’t matter as long as it does the job and the price is right.

I can definitely get with that.

But I still keep on my radar those brands that speak to me from a shared cultural and nappy hair perspective. I feel empowered in that exchange.  I think about a time when we didn’t have much of a choice.

I like having a choice.

A choice of moisture rich, texture enhancing, all natural products, with such ethnically rich names as, My Honey Child and Thank God It’s Natural (TGIN).  Or product lines paying homage to family members, past and present, such as Miss Jessie’s, Aunt Jackie’s or Karen’s Body Beautiful. Even product lines all the way from the Motherland as in OBIA. It brings me joy to see them get their share of this billion dollar industry.

Honestly, do I shop for my hair products always exclusively seeking out BOB’s?

I do not.

I like convenience and a price that fits my budget at any given time, just as much as the next person. But usually, when given the choice, I’m inclined to get down with the BOB’s. There’s something truly natural (pun intended) about that.

Black Owned Brands. I love having a choice!

According to ‘Clutch Mag Online’ 16 popular black natural hair care brands are:

Kinky Curly

Amazing Botanicals


Koils by Nature

Alikay Naturals

Wonder Curl

Oyin Handmade


Bee Mine

My Honey Child

Darcy’s Botanicals

Karen’s Body Beautiful

Curl Junkie

Jane Carter Solution

Black Earth Products

Visit our solution oriented, natural hair products store, to see what some of these Black Owned Companies have cooked up to enliven your kinks and curls.


Author: Pamela




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8 Responses to ‘You Down Wit’ B-O-B? Black Owned Brands

  1. Yvonne says:

    Shea Moisture is no longer black owned.

  2. Tonya says:

    I shop black as often as possible, even if I have to drive a little further or pay a little extra. As an entrepreneur myself, I can identify with the challenges of owning your own business. I find joy in sowing into someone else’s dream and my hopes is that they’ll pay it forward and sow into someone as well.

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