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An Easy Flat Twist Style for You to Try

Screengrab from @chronicurls on YouTube

If you’re like many naturalistas, you’re familiar with YouTube. You can get tons of product suggestions, advice, tips and hairstyle ideas all in one place. Some of the natural hair tutorials you’ll find there can be complicated, though. Even if it’s not especially difficult to do, we’ve all had our style fails where our results didn’t come out anything like the video. (And that’s okay; try, try again.)

This video on an easy flat twist style is just that — easy. Believe it or not, all natural women don’t have exceptional hairstyling or braiding skills. This ‘do requires two-strand and flat twisting, which some of us find easier than braiding and cornrowing. Your hair doesn’t have to be very long to create it, either. What we love about this look is, along with the ease, it’s a protective style (or styling) . Once it’s done, you can cover it at night with the hair covering of your choice and that’s it. You can leave it in for several days or a couple of weeks. After that, you can release the twists and wear a twist-out.

Other good points about this natural hair look:

  • Your hair will hold in moisture, but feel free to spritz with water or a moisturizing product as needed. If you’re worried about your ends drying out, apply a moisturizing product nightly to them.
  • It’s versatile, so as the vlogger explains, leave it as-is, or pin your “bangs” back, curl your twists or style them in bantu knots. Let your creativity fly!
  • It’s perfect for summer since it keeps your hair off your neck and out of your face.
  • All age groups can sport this one. It’ll look great on little girls — and prevent their natural hair from flying all over the place as they play!

If your results don’t come out “perfect,” you can always practice until you get it just right, or right for you. Remember, your tresses are unique and you’ll get results that work with your natural hair texture and length. If you’ve tried this look and love it, let us know in the comments!


Author: Del Sandeen

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