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LaToya Harris
Husband's Shocking Reaction to His Wife Perming Her Natural Hair!

Screengrab from Shay and Trav on YouTube

How would your boyfriend or husband react if you permed your natural hair after 6 years of being natural? YouTuber Shay pranked her husband and high school sweetheart Trav on their YouTube Channel “Shay and Trav,” and Trav’s reaction was priceless!

Shay bought a perm kit and switched out its contents with a conditioner so that it would look like she was perming her natural hair. She was sure to cover all bases by explaining that the presence of the camera in her bathroom was so her mother could see the whole process. Shay’s story was that she was perming her natural hair because she was tired of doing it. 

Trav walks in to find his wife smoothing “perm” on her hair and says, “What the heck, dude?” He is in shock! He says, “All these years you’re going to throw down the drain,” and tells her she needs to wash it out. He grabs her water bottle and fills it up. Then he tells her she is going to have to big chop and start over! Talk about natural hair support!

Shay starts to pretend her hair is burning and Trav breaks it down for her by saying, “You put some junk in your hair that burns your head.” After walking out, Trav comes back in and still helps his wife by spraying water over the part of her scalp she says is burning.


At the end of the video, Shay finally tells her husband that it was a prank. He doesn’t believe her at first. Then he claps and throws his fists in the air in victory and says, “Natural. Team Natural!” Us, too Trav. Us, too.


Author: LaToya Harris



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