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Hollywood Embraces Natural Hair- The Celebration of Natural Girls on the Red Carpet

2017 offered many opportunities to watch the rise- and celebration of- natural hair in Hollywood. The natural hair lifestyle has not been embraced so openly by mainstream commercial media since the rage of wearing natural afros, which exploded in the 1970’s.

That is changing in a positive way as more and more, we see megastars rocking their natural hair on the red carpet and beyond. This movement has been shaking the fashion and beauty world- and forcing a needed reevaluation on its ideas of how beauty is defined.

Hollywood starlets have been showing off their natural hair all year long- and the fans are loving it! The Emmy Awards shined with Viola Davis, Gabrielle Union, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Susan Kalechi Watson- who were just a few of Hollywood’s favorites- dazzle the red carpet with their natural hair. These leading ladies were stunning head to toe in stylish, red-carpet worthy ensembles. The piece de resistance was their hair- perfectly styled with gorgeous, natural coils, curls, locs and fro’d tresses.

Of course, who could forget about Alicia Keys, who began to embrace the idea of all-natural beauty, galvanizing a no make-up, natural hair movement as she took her fans with her on her personal journey, which began in 2016.

When you’re a Hollywood star, plus a social media style and beauty influencer, like Zendaya- who killed her fro while accepting her Style Star Award at the InStyle Awards in 2017- natural hair begins to reach further than the red carpet. Younger girls and women that follow these influencers are beginning to educate themselves on natural hair and taking the plunge into going chemical-free.

Black-ish star Yara Shahidi ended the year on a natural hair high, as her vibrant, natural curls ran wild on the November/December issue of Seventeen Magazine. These young influencers are further proving that society’s long-defined idea of beauty-silky straight European hair- doesn’t define today’s independent, natural woman.

2018 should expect to see more celebs adopting natural hair as part of their beauty routine, as the natural hair movement and lifestyle continues to thrive and flourish. 

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