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Atlanta Photography Duo Kahran and Regis Bethencourt Post "AfroArt" Photos of Natural Girls and go Viral

In the world of ‘breaking the internet’ by bearing it all- and then some- business partners (and married couple) Kharan and Regis Bethencourt are working hard to change the ideas of what a mainstream viral campaign should look like.

The owners of CreativeSoul Photography decided that they were tired of seeing girls with natural hair underrepresented- or negatively represented- in media and online. They were also frustrated by constantly hitting a brick wall with corporations that were not ready to embrace running campaigns that highlighted natural hair models. They even found that when they were casting models, parents would tend to straighten their girls’ naturally curly hair.

Motivated by the lack of a visual representation for these young women and inspired to help young girls embrace their beauty and feel empowered by doing so, the power couple launched the “AfroArt” series of photography. This series focuses solely on featuring African American girls ages 4-13 showcasing beautiful, flowing natural hair in all its glory.

The 25-photo montage was shot in different areas around the United States and includes themes like steampunk in NYC, crowned queens royally suited in Los Angeles and the Baroque era in Dallas- to name a few. The models are all adorned accordingly to fit the theme and their natural hair is styled in a variety of creative ways.

While it took over a year for the campaign to gain the momentum to go viral, it has taken off full throttle with the help of celebrity shout outs from celebs like Taraji P. Henson, Tia Mowry and Morris Chestnut. The couple is currently in talks about publishing a coffee table book in 2018 and other business ventures that have arisen because of the photo series.

You can check the AfroArt Gallery here.

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