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Yvette G.
Hair Nah- The Natural Hair Game

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Imagine that you’re walking through the airport with your freshly done twist-out. You don’t want any problems; you’re just trying to catch your flight. You’re focused on not being too weird or doing anything that would get you flagged by airport security. Then out of nowhere, it happens. You feel fingers all over your head. You turn to see that some older woman has decided to reach into your hair as she excitedly proclaims how soft it is. Still in shock, you stand there while she smiles and continues to pet you. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence and something most black naturals have experienced many times. It’s frustrating and, at times, just downright humiliating. One woman highlights this exact phenomenon with a fun and educational eighties style game called “Hair Nah.”

“Hair Nah” features a black woman as the main character with changeable styles that include curly fros and braids. You can select any hairstyle that suits you before you get started. The goal of this game is to get through your everyday activities while swatting off reaching hands that continually try to touch your hair. Protect your crown by using the mouse or the arrow keys to smack away unwanted arms. Be sure not to let too many hands touch your hair, or don’t swing too much, or you lose. The seemingly endless supply of hands can be absolutely stress-inducing, and the swatting can go into overdrive but don’t panic. The game encourages you to “moisturize and try again.”

“Hair Nah” was designed by a spunky young black woman named Momo Pixel, who felt that people needed to be educated on the experience of black women and their hair. Momo has experienced her own hair being grabbed by strangers and created a unique way to teach people that it is a huge invasion of space to do so. “Hair Nah” teaches this lesson in such a satisfying way, you can’t help but play it over and over again. Although the game is meant to be fun, the message of the game is a simple one, don’t touch anyone without permission, period!

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  1. Carmen says:

    This was not only good but humorous too!!! And just too too relatable! I had to laugh because I can’t remember all the times I had to find politically correct ways to tell folk NOT TO TOUCH the do!

    Thanks for laugh! 🙂

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