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LaToya Harris

BBC News Covers Stylists’ Concerns Due to Shift to Natural Hair

The possible extinction of relaxers in stores is a hot topic, but what about stylists who specialize in relaxed styles? In a BBC News article titled “Why Ghana’s natural hair fashion is bad for business, writer Rebecca Tsotsoo Kwei explores the natural hair movement’s effect on stylists in Ghana.

The natural hair lifestyle is global and has affected stylists in ways they never could imagine. Kwei said, “Across Ghana, hairdressers specialising in perms, Jheri curl, leisure curls and European-style hair extensions are struggling to fill their salons.” Two of the stylists who were interviewed experienced a decrease in their customers. However, one of the stylists managed to adjust their strategy by selling natural hair products.

In addition to seeing a drastic decline in customers, the BBC News article also talks about stylists losing money because of the chemicals that are not being used on customers. It said, “The chemicals she has invested her hard-earned cash in lie unused, in danger of going to waste.”

The positive effects of natural hair on stylists who specialize in it were also discussed in the article. There were stylists who’ve seen an increase in business to their salons. One of the salon owners interviewed was located not too far from one of the stylists who was losing business due to customers’ switch to natural hair.

The BBC News article about natural hair in Ghana is eye-opening and reminds us that women all over the planet are embracing their God-given strands. It’s also clear that if the stylists who specialize in relaxed styles will have to find ways to adapt if they want to stay in business.  

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