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How Does my Natural Hair Affect my Life in the Professional World?

The natural hair journey is a personal experience that is not just physical. Misconceptions and ignorance about natural hair may affect us mentally and land us in situations we didn’t expect to experience. This includes in the professional world. Especially prevalent in strict corporate settings, styles like braids, locks and even natural hair in its curly form can be discouraged in the office. Sometimes, these styles are even prohibited from being worn at work.

So, how do you firmly remain a naturalista while climbing the ranks toward professional success? While not always an easy feat, it’s certainly doable. As with anything else, remaining diligent, respectful and honest in your quest will assure that you will find your way- and do it with grace. Below are some guidelines to consider when you are a natural girl navigating through the business world.

  • Neatness will be key. Sometimes employers may see hair as an unnecessary distraction to others in the office. Therefore, buns, ponytails, and various pin-up/to the side/to the back styles may be best to wear for work.
  • Don’t go crazy with your hairstyles, different wigs, weaves or with bold colors. If your job requires business attire every day, this means the atmosphere is business conservative. You must bear that in mind when styling your hair for the office each day. Minimization is key in that type of environment. 
  • Interview with your hair in natural form so that the prospective employer can have an idea what you will look like regularly. This is the best option vs. straightening your hair for an interview, which can give them a false sense of your natural hair. If your hair is in braids or locks, sweep them up into a neat bun.

If you happen to work in creative industries like music or fashion, and more casual office environments, your natural hair is unlikely to be an issue. However, we aren’t all that lucky, so following these tips are a good rule of thumb as you approach the professional world with natural hair.  

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