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How to Dispel Common Misconceptions About Natural Hair

When it comes to natural hair, unless you are a part of the natural hair community and movement, it can be a difficult concept to comprehend. Thus, wearing natural hair and various natural styles can lead to some stereotypical ideas- and a whole lot of invasive questions. The best way to dispel these misconceptions is to educate the ones that are living in ignorance. Let’s tackle some of them.

Natural Hair is a Political Statement – Contrary to popular belief, many women are going natural to bring back (or add to) the health of their hair and go chemical-free- not to stand up against ‘the man’. We’ve segued into a more health-conscious era where people are looking at the labels of the foods they eat and the products they use on their skin and hair. Relaxers are made with chemicals and carcinogens that can lead to major health issues down the line.

Black Girls Wear Wigs and Weaves Because our Hair Doesn’t Grow– Unless you’ve spent time sitting at the kitchen table with a dab of grease on your hand and your mama blowing the hot comb while she tries not to burn your ear or forehead, you’ll never understand the lengths a black woman goes to in taming and styling her hair. Often, a weave, braids or wigs are a protective style for a natural woman. Especially great for women that are just moving into natural-hood and experienced a recent ‘big chop’, wigs and such are fun ways to explore various styles while allowing hair to grow out and breathe.

All Black Girls have Short Hair- Anyone with a natural curl pattern knows that the shrinkage is real. The kinkier the hair, the more shrinkage is experienced. For those that wear their hair in its natural stage most of the time, straightening it can show an unbelievable difference in the length. Sometimes, you just gotta release the curl and stunt on em’ for a second!

While we’re hopeful that these misconceptions will become less prevalent with time, the natural girl is best equipped using her wit and sass to dispel them. 

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