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Natural Hair Beauties that are Making a Difference!

You must love it when celebrity natural hair beauties utilize their fame to aid in community building and empowering citizens of humanity around the world. While not always celebrated by the media or highlighted on social media, there are celebs that are bringing social issues to the forefront while entertaining the masses. They are the true epitome of beauty inside and out- and we celebrate them!

Alicia Keys– It’s not just her voice that is a powerhouse. Alicia has used her platform consistently to speak out on key social issues and injustices including HIV, AIDS, education, and poverty, as well as helping to empower youth and young women through different charity forums. This includes her makeup-free movement. Alicia currently supports over 30 charities- and those are only the ones that we know about!

Jill Scott– The Jilly from Philly is as beautiful and talented as she is philanthropic. Ms. Scott gives her time and money to several charities, including the Save the Music Foundation owned by VH1. This charity thrives on bringing music- specifically instrumental education- back into schools to build children’s confidence, focus, and passions.

India Arie– This soulful singer, known for her natural hair (before it was a ‘thing’) became known as one of the hottest stars when she stepped on the neo-soul scene. India is a brand ambassador for UNICEF, which take a stand and bring awareness to human rights, human trafficking, and slavery around the world, as well as poverty and health.

Janelle Monae– This young superstar has been shaking up the R & B scene since she hit it with her fierce energy and impactful voice. Causes that she devotes her time and money to include bringing awareness to AIDS, autism and the Save the Music Foundation.

We appreciate those that are more than just beautiful and talented. When you live your life to serve others and build the communities you were raised in- and the world around you- that is the definition of a true shero. These ladies are building confidence and are the type of icons we want our daughters to look up to.

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